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Henk Visser

Room for Balance and Energy.
Discover your own power.

Kinesiology is a simple way to eliminate barriers which prevent good and healthy functioning.


Have you always wanted to know from whom you are descended? Genlias gives you a quick way to find your Dutch forebears from as far back as 1780.
Your search is in the most accurate source for genealogical research, the Civil Register. And it is not difficult!

Melanie Smits


Hobbie's : Everything having to do with computers, watching tv, reading, Dungeons & Dragons, writing, drawing and collecting swords.


Aldfaer is a strong, user friendly and very commodious Dutch Windows programme to keep all your family tree records.

Martin Visser

M.K. Visser RESIDENTIAL Service.

The solution for businesses around The Hague area dealing with the loss of employees.

Historische kring Hoogland

Welcome to Hoogland, where I live.

You enter historical Hoogland, like it exists on the internet.