Dear family and others,

Welcome to my website. My name is Andre Smits and I’ve come in touch with the investigation of geneology by an advertisement in a local newspaper. They published that the population register of Utrecht was now available through the genlias website. I went to look at it, and found so many of my ancestors in such little time, that I had to find a system of some sort to keep them all in.  I’ve used Aldfaer as this system, a marvellous program.

This website is about the family tree of the family Smits and Schaaf. These are my parents. The site is also about the family tree of the family Visser Kruiswijk. These are my wife’s parents. All the information I’ve found so far are online here. It’s not complete yet, but with your help, I can go a long way..

I’d like to receive additions and comments from you, especially the dates of birth, death and marriage. And if it was a religious marriage, and who the best men were. Another interesting thing is what their professions were. If you have pictures, or documents, about someone, I’d love to scan them for you.

After scanning, I’ll send them back to you. Or you could scan them yourself, and send the files by e-mail, to .

André Smits

Database data

  • 4 family trees.
  • number of persons: 797
  • most common family name:
    Visser (57)
    Smits (49)
    Kruiswijk (44)
    Schaaf (35)
    Smit (19)
  • most common location:
    Utrecht (269)
    Amsterdam (53)
    Lemmer (48)
    Stavoren (44)
    gemeente Hemelumer Oldeferd (38)
  • last updated on 01-01-1601